Monday, October 23, 2006

Miss Manners

We've been working on manners with Leeann for the better part of her life now. It's really cute when she finally "get's it". She's started to ask "May I?" whenever she wants something, or wants to do something. "May I get down? May I have another bite? May I come into your room?" May I was something we've worked on for what seems like forever.

Well, lately we've been working on conversations. When we sit down for dinner I tend to over emphatically ask Rob how his day was and what he did at work. Then she tends to copy me and ask the same questions. Every once in a while Leeann will chime in at random times during the day and ask me how my day was.

Well, this morning Leeann woke up and came downstairs and looked at me through sleepy eyes. "How was your day mommy?" It was hard to answer since it just got started... I don't think she's quite gotten the context yet... but it was still cute :0)

In other news: I've been experiencing random pains again. They come and go, and they have for several years now. It started in my shoulder occasionally then spread to my hip and now it's settled in my knee and is causing me quite a bit of pain there. It makes it difficult to function in day-to-day routines. These last two night I haven't slept well either because of it. Just about the time it gets so bad I can't stand it anymore, it seems to let up, or go away all-together, only to come back again at some point. My last really painful time was in late July, and I've only had random occasional pains since then.

I feel like an old lady sometimes... and I'm only 24!

The kids don't seem to know that mommy's in pain. I'm pretty sure they would just play contently and quietly all day if they knew! I don't know if they've been overly fussy, or if I've been overly irritable but these past couple of days have been awfully stressful around here. Maybe we just need to get out of the house? Now there's a thought! Maybe that's what we'll do today? Hmmm...

Just about the time I think about how "rough" my life is, or how much "pain" I'm in... I go here: I only met Rebekah once, on Leeann's adoption day (her dad was our lawyer), but that one meeting and lot's of blog-reading later, my perspective on life may never be the same. It's a good perspective! With that, I'm going to stop complaining :0) I hope your day is wonderful!


Aunt Barb said...

Wow Robyn, this is totally random, have you checked your site meter? I logged on to your site twice today, just to see the number go up!!

Dena & James said...

I know what it is to have recurrent health issues; it can be frustrating and discouraging! But I've reflected on healing lately and God's promises. You can check out our blog to read about it.

Jessi said...

I feel like I'm right there with you, the way you describe things. But I only have one comment...WE WANT PICTURES!!!