Friday, October 20, 2006

Get me a one way ticket...

... to the looney bin! It's a wonder any mom escapes child-rearing without at least one trip to the looney bin.

Titus has been crying for oh, about 2 hours now. Snuggling doesn't help, he's not a snuggler. Isolating him doesn't help, he just cries. Feeding him? Not interested. Wet diaper? Not a drop. Tired? Yup, but he's not giving in.

So what do I do? I give him a cup of formula. Maybe he's thirsty? He downed half of the cup in 3.2 seconds. I set the cup down so I could burp him, as is customary 1/3 to 1/2 way through a cup. He doesn't want to burp, he's screaming at the top of his lungs lunging toward the cup, so I give him more. He get's most of the way to the bottom and starts crying again, so I try burping again. Still not interested, but still screaming. So I try for a little snuggle time, maybe he's sick and just needs mommy? Man, am I not very wise! The whole cup of formula came up, right down the front of my shirt, and all over him. Keep in mind, he'd been screaming for more than an hour at this point so my nerves were already fried!

This was an almost verbatim repeat of an episode last Friday night, but Brenna was over and was able to help me clean up the situation. This time, I was all alone. Leeann was offering to help because she's so sweet, but the reality is... well, Brenna was a little more helpful!

The only redeeming factor is how cute Titus was in the shower as I was trying to clean him off. I placed him out of the water but he was cold so he scooted into the water. I placed him backwards so it wouldn't get in his face, but he turned around and looked straight into the water and held his mouth open like a little birdy trying to drink the rain! It was so cute! I have a fear of water in my face, so he didn't get that from me! He's in his crib now, settling down. I need some Starbucks, or Steamers, or ice cream... or something! It's been a long day and it's only 3! Maybe I just need a nap, or maybe that one way ticket?

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Jessi said...

Oh the joys of being a mom, sometimes a looney bin sounds like paradise...I have to agree. We need to meet up, Halle and I will be in town the entire week of Thanksgiving...any chance you're avaliable for lunch or coffee, or park time in Salem? Let me know!

Love, Jessi