Friday, October 20, 2006

Titus's Stats

Titus went to the doctor on Tuesday and he's still off the bottom of the charts. He weighs 15 lbs 9 ozs and he's 26.25 inches long. The doctor said out of a thousand kids his age, he'd be one of the 5 smallest! He's still not overly worried because Rob and I are obviously small, and he's still proportionate and developmentally right on cue. He's got a thought in mind for how big he ought to be at a year, and if he doesn't meet that than he'll start checking things out just to make sure. My poor child is going to be toted around in his backward facing infant carrier until he's 2!

But, he's happy as can be and developing just fine. Rob and I both have brothers who are over 6 feet tall. I was a little hopeful that Titus might get some of those genes, at least enough to make him average, but it looks like he's definately going to be a little one! The doctor guesses he'll probably be 5'4" or maybe 5'5". We'll see!

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