Friday, September 10, 2010

A Mommy Daddy Date Day

Last Sunday Titus was invited on a play date. He was slated to be gone for a couple of hours so as soon as we dropped him off we turned to Leeann and offered that she make a plan, any plan, for how to spend a couple of hours with just mom and dad. Because honestly, this NEVER happens.

We threw out the options of bowling, mini-golf, going to a restaurant, Starbucks, Cold Stone, the park, a bike ride, etc.

She determined, without wavering, that she wanted to go home and she wanted all of us to get our jammies on, bring our blankets and pillows downstairs, snuggle, eat pop corn and enjoy one of "Mommy's yummy smoothies."

We honestly tried to talk her into doing something that she normally wouldn't get the chance to do. We even went so far as to tell her we could do something else, then the jammies, movie, pop corn and smoothie once Titus got home. You know, the best of both worlds?

She wouldn't be deterred however. So we came home and did just as she planned. And it was a fun, delightful, relaxing afternoon!
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becca banana said...

How stinkin' adorable! I love that you gave her such open options and she got her wish!