Saturday, September 11, 2010

Leeann's Coffee Shop

Leeann hosted another coffee shop today. This time it was in our home and a number of friends and family members stopped by for an Italian Soda, Iced Coffee or Hot Chocolate. She's getting quite good at making some of these drinks!

As I was helping her count and divide her money (10% tithe, 30% car and 60% spend) tonight, I realized that there are an awful lot of skills that she used today. Talk about a real-life learning opportunity!

Here are some things she that learned, practiced, or improved upon today:

Proper food handling
Customer service
Customer satisfaction
Money handling
Change making
Taking orders
Saving for what you want
Hard work
Busing tables
General clean-up
Business and entrepreneurial skills
Cost vs. profit
Money changing (including exchanging money for the proper bills and coins to be able to split her income into the three categories)
Money counting (she counted back her spend and car money to me to see how much she had in each area)
Skip counting (as she counted with bills of many denominations. $20, $40, $50, $55, $60, $65, $66, $67, etc.)

I'm proud of my little girl. She's growing up so fast! It's hard to believe that she's old enough to really be able to do well at being a genuine barista! Someone said today, "She'll be able to put being a barista on her resume." Yeah, I can see it now: Leeann at 17 years old applies at a local coffee shop and puts Barista: 10 years experience on her resume!

She seems to really, really enjoy it. Of course, we only have such a wide circle of people to sell too, so I don't know how often she'll actually open up her shop. But, I can certainly see her doing more of them in the future.

We were talking a little bit about maybe taking orders for some baked goods, like homemade cinnamon rolls, maple pecan scones or frozen cookie dough. Think there'd be any market for that? She sure does love to bake with me, and the idea of putting in some hard work in exchange for money is one that's catching on quickly.

Have I mentioned that I'm incredibly proud of Leeann? She's an incredible girl!

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Eugene and Christie said...

I would totally order a baked good! Sorry we've missed her shop so far, but keep us informed - maybe we will make it down one of these days :)