Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today when Titus and I got home from walking Leeann to school he immediately asked to play Lego Starwars. I usually let him play for a little while once we get back, while I'm taking a shower or finishing getting ready for my day.

Well, today I told him he couldn't play right away because he spent so much time playing yesterday (the cousins came over for a little while so he'd gotten some extra-long play time). You should have seen the dejected look on his face!

He very sadly stuck his quivering bottom lip out and started to whimper as he lay face-down on the stairs. I sat next to him and encouraged him to play with some trains, cars or lego's. "But I want someone to play with me." he said through his tears. The look on his face was just so sad! I told him he should go pick out a book and he just continued to talk about how he just wanted someone to play with him!

Then all of the sudden I realized--Leeann will be in first grade next year. ALL DAY! That means that instead of needing to entertain Titus from the hours of 8:40-11:15 (relatively simple), I'll be needing to entertain him from 8:40-3:00.

I don't usually need to entertain him that much because he and Leeann play so well together. And, again, she's gone at school for relatively short periods of time. The thing that you need to understand about Titus is that he is an extrovert. He loves being around people. He might even make me look like an introvert in comparison, and that's saying something!

Take this moment in time for instance. He is sitting so close to me that he's practically sitting on me as I write this. He's holding his beary bear and he's just singing and talking to himself. Occasionally he'll ask me what certain buttons on the computer are for. Or he'll stick beary bear in my face and marvel at the fact that I can still type even though beary beary is covering my eyes. Right now he's singing his ABC's to his bear. The boy just wants to be near someone-- or playing Lego Starwars.

I have the feeling that I'm going to have to be super-prepared to keep this guy entertained (and keep me sane) while Leeann's in school full-time next year. Hopefully I'll be diligent enough to make the most of it though, because all too soon he'll be in school all day too, and I'll have to find something to do to entertain myself!


Jessi said...

So he's not starting kindergarten next year??? I'm so excited that by January of next year, Halle will be 1/2 way through kindergarten and Sebastian will be starting preschool! Is Titus going to start preschool in the fall then?

Robyn said...

Titus won't go to kindergarten until the Fall after this one. And nope, no preschool for him either. Just hanging out with mommy until it's his turn to go!