Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I'm 3,000 miles away from the two bundles of joy that made me a mom. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here, but I wish I could be in two places at once! I'm a little sad today. Not so much because it's Mother's Day, but more so because I've been away from them for a week. A couple of days away was good, to be honest. We're now entering the "too long" away category.

Tomorrow will be a fun day though. I'll get to see the big NYC sites like Ground Zero, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, Central Park and Grand Central Station. Oooo, and I get to go to the American Girl store! I so badly want to buy Leeann a Samantha doll from there... but it's not exactly in the vacation budget. Seriously, they're like $90 each. For a doll! Still though, I'm excited to experience the store. Hopefully I can find something a little closer to my budget to bring back from there.

If you want to see pictures and hear details about my trip you can hop over to my other blog. 

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