Friday, May 07, 2010


Somebody was being careless.

Somebody was twirling these glasses around in their hands. 

Somebody was fiddling with them as if they were a child's plaything.

Somebody was not paying attention. 

Somebody made a very expensive mistake (seeing as we no longer have eye insurance).

Hopefully somebody learned their lesson about how to treat glasses. 

Because these ones can't be fixed. 

Somebody is very sorry. 

That somebody is me. Whoops!

Titus got these glasses when he just turned 3. He's had them 1.5 years without breaking them or losing them. He asked me to clean them the other day and I was talking to a group of ladies just twirling them around in my hand and 'playing' with them. His ear piece just snapped right off! I'm telling you, I was not being unnecessarily rough with them!

So now he's been without glasses for a week because his are special order glasses. Really, he needed to get a new exam anyway. The frugal side of me was just waiting until these ones broke or got lost. It took longer than I thought it would. I just always assumed it would be my crazy 4 year-old son that would break them. Everybody keeps asking him where his glasses are and he get's to say, "Mommy broke them!"

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