Monday, May 03, 2010

Flying Out

I'm leaving my home here shortly for a crazy adventure. I will fall asleep on the East Coast today, somewhere in the crazy land of New Jersey. Until 3 weeks ago, I wasn't quite sure where New Jersey was!

As of now, I'm all (well, mostly) packed and ready to go. My friend, SaraJane will pick me up this evening we'll start our East Coast Adventure. I still can't believe I'm actually going! Oh man, I'm going to miss my kids like crazy. Like crazy I tell ya! Titus is sitting right next to me and I already miss him!

Speaking of, I must get off of here and tend to the important things, like packing snacks and cuddling my amazingly sweet, wonderful, funny, silly, handsome little son. Don't worry, Leeann got lots of cuddles before she left for school this morning too. Yup, I miss her already. I'll update the blog world tomorrow, and hopefully include some pictures from my adventures!

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Carrie said...

Hope you have a great time!!