Monday, April 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman

If it's not one obsession, it's another. Real Estate, Disneyland, Dave Ramsey, The Pioneer Woman. I enjoy them all!

As you may have noticed, however, my latest obsession has been with The Pioneer Woman. The Pioneer Woman happens to be in Portland RIGHT NOW! By this time tomorrow I'm really hoping you will be staring at a picture of me with my newest hero. What do you say to a woman who has inspired you, who you feel like you know (though you don't), who's blog you visit far too often? I'll probably get tongue-tied and start drooling. I may offer to move to her ranch and by her personal dishwasher. I might gravel at her feet. We'll see how it goes! If you have not been to her web-site, read her love story or tried to cook some of her amazing foods you have NO IDEA what you're missing. Seriously... go there. Now. If you don't you may think I'm wacky. Then again, I may actually be wacky. But this wacky woman is on a mission to get a cookbook and a picture taken with it's author. And yes, I'm driving more than an hour each way to get the signature of a blogger. And I'm not even ashamed of it. I'm questioning whether or not I'm wacky, but I'm not ashamed. The second you taste her yummy sweet potato dish, you'll be stalking her too... I promise!

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becca said...

I am so with you!! Except not to visit her... not good for any weight loss program!!!