Saturday, April 24, 2010


Leeann was just eating lunch at the counter and all of the sudden she gasped as her cup full of water hit the counter. In a very calm, very loving tone (honestly, I really was calm, it was an accident... no one wants to get in trouble over an accident!)

I grabbed a towel and began to sop up the water when I realized it had creeped under my book. My brand new, signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks! Inside I screamed, "NOT THE BOOK! I WORKED SO HARD FOR THAT BOOK!"

As I picked it up I tried to hide my panic as I gasped and said, "Oh no, my book!" Again, rather calmly given the circumstances... but Leeann started to cry. She's so sensitive and knows how much I love that book. Isn't she so sweet? I just adore this little girl. Lucky me, the book has a pretty slick, fancy cover and I think it will probably come out unscathed!

 Now you can all sleep at night.

And I showed Leeann that the book is just fine, I think she'll come out unscathed too!

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