Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

We made it home from our 4+ day trip over the river and through rolling hills of nothingness, and a lovely little town called Ellensburg, Washington. It's especially lovely because it's home to Rob's two wonderful Grandparents (and all the goodness that a stay at Grandma's house means... yes, my gaining streak continues... and my diet starts tomorrow. Or the next day. I hope anyway, we'll see how I feel).

The drive home today was gorgeous, and the company in the car was fantastic. My kiddos are hoots, I tell ya! These have to be two of the funnest, funniest, most fantastic kids known to man! They're daddy's pretty super too!

After a relaxing weekend with few responsibilities, I was quickly reminded of all the undone chores I'd left behind. I'm really hoping to get some blogging done tonight, but I feel obligated to at least get some dishes off of the counter and some bags put away.

Hopefully, you'll read more from me soon. If not, I'm stuck in la, la, laundry land... and swearing to myself that next time I leave for a trip I'll do so having left my house perfectly clean. Next time. Yup, next time for sure!

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