Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I'm enjoying some 'quiet'. Bob the Builder (in Spanish no-less... Titus wanted it that way!) is blaring in the background, Leeann is at school, Rob is at work and I'm pondering life. I ought to be showering, but I'm lost in my thoughts... so I'll share some with you.

I'm thinking about Sanctity of Life week, and I'm grateful every time I look at my daughter that though she was barely 14 when she found out she was pregnant, her birth mom chose life. It would have been so easy for her to 'fix' her mistake and pretend that it never happened. God doesn't make mistakes, and for that I am so grateful. Leeann is a beautiful, thoughtful, sweet, sweet, sweet little girl. This world is a brighter, better place because she's a part of it. I'm so, very, very grateful that Kyndall chose life for Leeann.

I am proud of Kyndall. It's so awesome to watch her turn into a beautiful young woman who is now serving her country in the Air Force. We are enjoying the fact that she is home for a week and a half before she takes her orders. We're also grateful that her orders keep her close to home. She'll be stationed in Washington, so we'll still get to see her fairly often.

I'm also thinking about Financial Peace University. Our small group finished our course last week and had a party to celebrate last night. It's been so awesome to be a part of something so... freeing! We're seeing light in our financial life like we've never seen before. And we see hope for our financial future like we've never seen before. The best part? So many others are feeling that freedom too, one baby-step at a time!

Speaking of small group, the two desserts I ate at our small group party last night made me feel sick. They were both small helpings, but more than I could handle. It means I'm on the right track, because that amount of sweets normally wouldn't have effected me. The Biggest Loser, NACC style has been going well. I still didn't get weigh in's from 7 people, but without those weigh in's for this week the 30 of us have lost 125 pounds total in 3 weeks! I've lost 5 of those, which is pretty stinking cool if you ask me. It was far more than I would have hoped to have lost in 3 weeks, but I'll take it. My goal is to slowly head in the right direction week by week.

I gave Rob the gift of a half-marathon for Christmas year. He's been diligently training since just after Christmas and he's doing well. He's worked up to 6.6 miles. I'm proud of him!

In other news, we've put our condo back on the market once again. This time we're going to stick with the for sale by owner gig and see how long it takes. It would be beautiful beyond belief if we were able to sell this in the near future. So now, I'm slowly working through my perpetual to-do list in regards to the house. Keeping my house in show worthy condition is not something I'm great at. But, I'll do my best! Starting tomorrow of course...

I am having my staff review today at work. That should be fun! Really, I'm looking forward to it. I'll get to sit down with Rob and Denny and get some clarification on how things will work in regards to my job now that Rob is the Lead Pastor.

I am writing on my new Toshiba, that I love (so far anyway)! I'm grateful for my new computer.

I don't want to get too far into this (because debating politics isn't on my list of fun things to do) but I'm thinking about it since the facebook world is going crazy over the passing of two measures that increase taxes for businesses and the wealthy. It's to fund 'education' of course. All I have to say is this. I hate hearing around every corner that if we don't do __________, we won't have proper funding for education. Dear Oregon budget makers: In my house, when something is a priority to me, it goes to the top of my budget list and gets funded first. The less important things fall to the bottom and get cut when times are tough. If education really is important to you, fund it first. Period. Stop trying to play on tax payers fears by threatening to cut education if we don't pay up more. And for that matter, budget makers, you really should go through Financial Peace University. You could learn a thing or two!

In other news, I'm burdened about the hurt lives, unemployed people and failing marriages that are all around me. Then there's Haiti. These situations are all particularly difficult because I can't do anything about them. It's so tempting to ignore them because there really is so little I can do. Yet, my heart hurts for the people affected in these situations. So I pray.

I know that we serve a good, gracious, loving God who cares for us more than we could imagine. I know he works all things out for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. In time we see his hand at work, but in the midst of trials and tribulations those facts are difficult to see clearly. Nevertheless, God is so good!

And these are my thoughts for today. Now, now I must shower, and get back on track. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts... whoever you are!

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