Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm so irritated with myself!

Once upon a time, about 21 months ago, we bought a condo. This condo had been foreclosed on and was more or less a wreck. We thought "Hey, we're young, and we might as well!", so we tried our hands at some handy work. We ripped out the entire bathroom and remodeled it. We painted every wall in the house. We put in new carpet, re-did a chunk of ceiling, took down some pop-corn ceiling, peeled, sanded and painted the kitchen cabinets, painted the stair rail, replaced light fixtures and door knobs, and did various other handy, dandy type tasks. All in all, I'm really proud of us. I'm especially proud of my husband!

Well, with all that being said, there's one thing that's REALLY bothered my since the day we moved in. My kitchen sink. It has always had these nasty paint and stuck on water spots and streaks. It's finish has been dull and smattered with ickiness. Honestly, I've always been embarrassed any time anyone was in my kitchen, and I've been frustrated every time I've looked at my sink. EVERY TIME!

And now, I (gulp) show it to you, for the whole world to see what I've put up with for 21 months!

The only thing I took solice in is the fact that I knew I've cleaned it and scrubbed it (a lot, with various products, the stuff just doesn't come off) and that it was sanitary. It might be nasty looking, but it was at least clean.

Well today I decided to look up how fly lady shines her sink. I remember from years back when I was learning her principles that the first thing she tells you to do is shine your sink. It's all the more reason I've been frustrated for 21 months... fly lady says do this first! She is really big on this sink shining business!

So, after soaking my sink in bleach water for more than an hour, scouring it with a scratchy pad, scrubbing it with baking soda, shining it with Windex and polishing it with lemon juice... here you have it!

The right side is a before picture and the left side is after. Some imrovement huh?

In case you need a close up of the nastiness I'm talking about.

My new and improved, not perfect, but shiny sink!

Why, oh why, oh why did it take me 21 months to turn from the error of my ways and look you up again fly lady? You are my hero!
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beachbirdie said...


Looks great, glad you got your sink all shined up pretty! It's so nice to walk into the kitchen in the morning and see a shiny sink.

I love the flylady! I discovered her just a couple of years ago. I'm still stuck on the sink-shining and putting the shoes on in the morning (sigh).

T & K said...

Which of those products does she recommend for shiny sink upkeep?

Robyn said...

She recommends wiping it out with a dry towel after use to avoid water spots, and shining it regularly with windex. No need to give your sink and overhaul like that very often, just shine it up with some windex!

becca said...

That's an incredible before/after! This is my #1 routine every day, not really to have the shiny sink, but to have it emptied out and dishes taken care of before bed. It makes such a huge difference!

Anonymous said...

I use glass wipes instead of windex, they work great and I can get a couple uses out of each wipe! Aunt b