Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snuggle Sneaker!

By the time we got home from being out and about today Titus had fallen asleep in his car seat. I lugged him in and walked inside to find Leeann sitting on the couch with a blanket in hand and her arms outstretched.

Her little eyes seemed to be begging me to let her hold him like a little baby. And so I did. I placed his head on the arm of the couch and she cradled his body, making sure he was snuggly wrapped and comfortable.

I put on a movie for her and she spent the next 45 minutes sneaking cuddles and snuggles from her little brother.

He's a snuggler too, so I'm sure it wasn't too painful for him to enjoy her 'mothering'. I'm going to guess he might have been annoyed by her constant kisses (as he is when I kiss him at night time when I check on him), but as always, he managed to sleep right through the kisses.

We are a kissy, lovey, snuggly household. My kids have no idea the average siblings their age squabble and bicker at each other all day. And that's just the way I like it!

It's not uncommon for me to walk in the room and see them snuggled up together in a blanket on the floor watching a movie. Or sitting really close together on the couch. They love each other. I hope in some subtle ways that they are best friends forever!
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