Friday, January 15, 2010

The Streak Ends

Today marked the first of many yet to come. Leeann was tardy. Yup. You'd think I might be frustrated with myself, but truly, I'm so excited the streak has lasted this long. 70-some days of school have come and gone... and she just now got her first tardy slip! For me, this is a huge accomplishment!

The funny thing is, I was helping at her school today. Many Fridays I help make cookies for cookie day. So, we ran in together and stopped by the office. They told us to keep going, that we might make it. Just as we were hanging Leeann's coat up outside of her classroom though, the bell ring and we got called back for a slip. Bummer. So close!

In other news, Leeann had left her coat at Eroica's yesterday. And, we were obviously running late this morning. So, instead of going upstairs to find another jacket that would work for her, I just gave her my jean jacket to wear. Not only did it fit nicely, it really brought her outfit together today! The sleeves were a little long granted, but it fit pretty stinkin well considering she's in Kindergarten and I'm 27.

Her feet are really close to being as big as mine too. I'm really excited for the day we can wear the same shoes because her Great Grandma M sends her some of the CUTEST shoes. The time will come soon enough... soon enough...

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becca said...

Ha! I've never thought of that, how one day we'll be the same size as our daughters.... but will they LET us wear anything that's theirs, that's the question!