Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When the Pig Oinks

Last night we did a little bit of early Birthday celebrating and took Rob out for dinner and to shop for a new jacket for him. Titus was a bit warm when Rob took him out of his carseat and he made a comment that he thought Titus was getting sick.

He didn't touch his dinner and complained about being cold, so we let him wear both his jacket and Leeann's, and we didn't make him eat.

After dinner he chippered up a little bit and we went and browsed the mall and Rob found a jacket (which Leeann was distraught over by-the-way... how could we wrap it and give him something to open on his Birthday if he saw it now?)

We were headed home and decided to pull into Sonic for a slushie. Just then Titus started whining that his stomach hurt and he was hungry. I figured he could be hungry, but was more likely sick. I then verbally made my prediction that we'd see vomit before too long.

Sure enough, we hadn't even pulled out of the driveway and it was everywhere. Tear-the-carseat-apart disgusting! I thought corn was bad--try grapes! Unfortunately for Titus we still had a 1/2 hour drive home.

So, we cleaned up as best as we could, and I wrapped my blanket around him. He slept all of the way home and then he and his carseat both came inside for a much needed bath. It probably took me 20 minutes to disassemble that thing. I'm sure it will take the next two days to put it back together!

I'm grateful that he slept through the night, but he was up sick again early this morning. Leeann and I are doing our best to take care of him. I decided to keep her home from school as a precaution. So, I'm officially confined to my house for at least 48 hours after the last symptom... I'm sure I'll catch up on my blogging soon!

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