Sunday, October 18, 2009

Financial Peace University

I'm really excited about going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University with our small group. There are 14 adults and a boat-load of of kiddos. I am SO excited to be going through this, and even more excited that we're getting to do it with other people!

In just a couple of weeks I'm already seeing the lights click on and people devote themselves to achieving financial peace through rocking the baby steps. We kind of got a jump start when we picked up one of his books 6 months ago, but now we have a weekly lesson that forces us to think through our finances more clearly each week.

I can almost taste the freedom, and I LOVE IT!

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simplykersh said...

Whoo-Raaa for financial peace! We are down to Jeff's students loan and that is it! But then again we are starting the adoption process so more dept may come - but it would be totally worth it! Keep up the good work. Are you guys going to see Dave in Portland??