Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the Mend

Titus has been awake most of the day and has been running around chipper as can be for the last couple of hours. I think we're on the mend.

For dinner tonight Leeann hopped up on the stool and peered through the opening to the kitchen cheerily inquiring, "Can we play restaurant?"

"Sure, why not. How may I help you?'

"May I please have just a bagel with some cream cheese and some water?"

"Sure, coming right up." I said.

"Actually, may I please have some juice? And, some pudding for dessert?" she asked, clearly testing her boundaries.

So, we played restaurant, and I was grateful for such a simple request from my beautiful customer.

Titus had a choice of juice, crackers, or both. His menu was a little more limited. He chose both, and appears to be handling them nicely.

We're now making some special crafts for Rob for his Birthday tomorrow. He's been at a Pastor's Prayer Summit since Tuesday morning. We're excited to have him back, and we're trying to think of fun ways to celebrate at home since we're still going to be on quarantine for his Birthday.
I'm excited to have him home after our crazy, chaotic, sick, couped-up couple of days!

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