Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poor Guy

38 hours later, Titus is still miserable, and seems to be getting worse. I was gearing up for an E.R. visit in the wee morning hours due to dehydration, but he was able to get a little bit of water down and produce a wet diaper just before the time I was told I'd have to take him in if he didn't wet. So, this morning we'll go into the clinic. I do appreciate that he wet last night as it is far cheaper to take him to the clinic than to the E.R.

He's still throwing up and unable to keep ANYTHING down outside of a few small sips of water at a time. It's all the strength he can muster just to keep his head upright for a few seconds. He's now to the point were he can hardly stand. He just kind of fell into me this morning when I was trying to get his jacket on to take Leeann to school.

So, the doctor's office is able to squeeze him in about an hour from now. I'll be sure to update you when I have any news. In the meantime I appreciate your prayers for this little guy, he's having a really rough time.

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