Friday, February 06, 2009

This stinks...

That's pretty much how I feel about this whole loss-of-Mee Maw thing. There are so many thoughts, feelings and emotions I'm trying to process. I don't want to process them though, I want them to go away, and I want her to be here!

We met with the Pastor today to plan the details of her service, but other than that we're just kind of hanging out. We've invaded Rob's sister, Shelly's house. She's so good to accept us (and Suzy and the boys too) on mere hours notice on the day she loses her mom. I swear, only Shelly can do that with such grace! We love you Aunt Shelly!

We have more family coming Sunday, including many people we haven't seen in years so we are all looking forward to that. Leeann and Titus are, of course, loving having so much time with all of their fantastic cousins.

Leeann cried for a good five minutes when we told her that Mee Maw had died, but other than that she seems to accept the facts and be dealing with it well. Titus, well, he's 3. He keeps asking where she lives now though, since we informed him that she now lives in heaven with Jesus. I'm not dealing with it very well and Rob... well, I'm just not sure how he's dealing with it yet. I think we're all pretty numb in a lot of ways.

So, that's the story of what's going on around this place. Just thought you might like to know...


beachbirdie said...

I am very sad for you all. There is nothing quite as harsh as having to say good-bye to a parent.

My standard advice (gained from many dances with grief) is that you all must be gentle with yourselves and each other. Everyone goes through this differently and has to be free to do it in their own way. We don't "get over it" or "get back to normal", we are forever different as new, dark threads have been woven into the tapestry of our lives. The work of re-negotiating our place in the world is hard work, especially considering the world around us is not aware of or sensitive to our pain.

The good news is that the dark part of the journey is not forever. One day a glimmer of untarnished joy will surprise you. But for now, numb is about right.

So for now I will keep you close in my prayers, I pray you will feel the comforting arms of our Lord holding you close.

Sarah said...

We love you guys and are praying for you!

tbierly said...

Robyn and Rob-
We send our love and prayers please give the kids and each-other hugs for us. We love you all, and are sorry for your loss.
The Bierly Family

tbierly said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Rob, Suzy, the kids, and rest of your family. -Toby & Eroica

Serah said...

So sorry to hear about your struggles. Our family too is going through some very hard times right now. Sometimes it takes all I have just to keep breathing. I wasn't ready to accept the Lord's will in my life at first. I just wanted what I wanted. Some time has passed and I'm doing better. I'm closer to accepting His plan for me, which has been so much harder than I ever expected. I watched a video on youtube today, it really helped me, and as I was watching I though of you and your family. It doesn't say anything we don't know already, but it is a sweet reminder that I now know I really needed. Here is the link:

Just keep breathing, and line upon line, precept upon precept, the Lord will bring you through this. Some things you just can't rush, and one of them is time.

All my love from a long time ago friend,


Michelle said...

Praying for all of you right now.