Thursday, February 05, 2009

In Loving Memory of Mee Maw

Rob's mom, Janice (or beloved 'Mee Maw' as our kiddos refer to her) passed away yesterday. Rob and I had received word around noon that she probably only had days or maybe weeks to live, but we were all hopeful she'd receive a liver transplant that would allow her body to heal.
We packed up and headed to Washington as soon as we could, but were told that she was slipping away and probably wouldn't make it until we got there. By the time we had reached Portland we got the news that neither of us were prepared to hear. She had passed away.
It still seems so unreal. She's everywhere. Things that she made, gifts that she gave, grandkids that she adored. Yet, she's not here, and she won't be here again. Our world's have changed in an instant. But thankfully, so has hers. She's in heaven with Jesus and her body is healed--her pain is gone. Selfishly I want her here with us so badly, but she was ready to go.
She'll be missed terribly. We have so many great memories with her, and she was such a great grandmother to our kids. I will always cherish so much about her and her life... I just wish we'd had more time with her!
We are enjoying time with family as we make preparations for her memorial service. It will be on Tuesday, feel free to email me or leave a comment if you want more info on that.

Please keep our family in your prayers, especially Carmin (Heempaw as he's referred to in our house). It's heart-wrenching to lose a parent, but I can't imagine how much more difficult it is to lose a spouse.
We love you Heempaw, and thank you for being so good to Mee Maw, you've been wonderful husband, care-taker and friend to her.
Mee Maw, I'm pretty sure there isn't internet access in heaven, but just in case there is, please know that you are missed and loved dearly by so many people, especially those inside Robyn's Nest. We love you!


SaraJane G Campbell said...

Robyn, I am soo sorry to hear! Thank you for the touching way you have shared her with us! I wish I could come and give you a big is times like this I am sad I am here in far away! But God has a purpose in all of this. I love you friend and I am praying for you!

Stacey said...

I will be praying! I wish I could be there to celebrate her life with all of you and be with the family. I loved my Aunt Jan. And we love all of you.
Kreg, Stacey, Aiden, and Makayla

My name is Breanna... said...

I'm so sorry Rob and Robyn! (Suzy too) My heart aches for all of you! I will hold you in my prayers and hearts especially in the days to come. I wish I could honor her and you by attending her service. Let me know when you have the details. With love, Breanna

Jessi said...

Oh Rob and Robyn...are thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. I know how much MeeMaw was loved and adored and what a wonderful legacy she left behind. This isn't a good bye forever, just a little seperation before you all meet and dance again in that wonderful Heavenly place! I pray that you'll find joy in these days to come and comfort in the one true Living God! Blessings, The Wandler's

Heather said...

We would love to attend the memorial service. Please let us know when/where it will be held. We continue to lift your family up in our thoughts and prayers. I know this must be such a difficult time for all of you. May you sense God's love and peace in a very tangible way as you grieve the loss of Rob's Mom.

with much love,

Char said...

So sorry about Rob's mom! I know this is a rough time for you all. We will be praying for you and your family as you grieve together.

Diana said...

Robyn, I am so sorry! All of you will be in my prayers!

Cathy said...

Robyn, Barb shared your blog and Suzy's with Connie Schwarzkopf Nichols and with me. We were best friends with Jan (me from grade 2 through high school), Connie from grade 7 through high school. I'm so sorry for your loss. Jan brought such joy to my life as a child growing to adulthood. I know that she was an excellent mother and friend to all. She will be missed. Thankfully she is with God and no longer in pain, but instead filled with His love and blessings.
Thank you for posting her photo as well. Cathy Lowe Clark