Monday, February 16, 2009

And finally, some pictures!

Today Suzy and the boys came over to play... which is always fun for the whole family! Leeann had received some hair glitter in the mail along with many other Valentine goodies (thanks great-grandma M!), and today seemed like a great day to try it out. After I was done doing Leeann's hair, she asked Aunt Suzy if she wanted her to do her hair next. Suzy graciously agreed and let Leeann put blue glitter in her hair. Leeann LOVED getting to primp her aunt. She's SUCH a girly-girl!

Rob and I have a special Valentine's tradition of not celebrating it! His birthday is at the end of October, then our anniversary is mid-December, then Christmas of course, and a week after Valentine's Day is my birthday so it seems silly to cram in another obligatory gift-giving holiday during that time of year. Besides, it's the one day a year that flowers cost 4x as much as any other time and you can't find a table at a restaurant without a terribly long wait. And finding a babysitter... ha!
So, we take our kids on special dates instead! Leeann got all dressed up for her special date with daddy. He told her they could go anywhere she wanted to go. Guess where she chose? Starbucks. No joke! She opted for chocolate milk over ice cream! I think it's because she knew it was a special date with daddy, and daddy would enjoy Starbucks. Besides, it's a place they've already had lots of special dates so it probably just made sense to her.

All dressed up and ready for fun! They also shared a brownie... an extra special treat for an extra special day!
I had to snap these pictures since I had my camera with me. This is a little game that we play. We tell Leeann that if she's asleep by the time we get home that daddy will carry her inside. So, inevitably she 'always' falls asleep before we get home so she can get carried in. She's such a good faker too! Seriously, it's hard to get her to crack a smile when she's 'sleeping'.
She enjoys every second of being carried and snuggled and tended too by daddy. She even 'sleep-potties' but will 'fall back asleep' while she's on the toilet so Rob will actually have to carry her to her bed. Then she lets Rob put on her jammies while being a rag doll. It's so cute, she never even makes a peep!
Titus on the other hand, doesn't have a serious bone in his body and couldn't pretend nearly that well for the life of him! He tries though, he really tries! Of course his eyes are usually squeezed incredibly tight (or he's just covering them with his hands) and he's got a HUGE grin on his face. Not to mention the fact that he's usually laughing out-loud too!
Titus chose to go to Cold Stone for his special date with mommy. We splurged and shared a Birthday Cake Remix with a chocolate dipped cone that had sprinkles on it. Titus loved it and made a GIANT mess. I forgot my camera in the van so I opted for some post-date pictures in the car instead. Notice the various facial expressions in short period of time. Can anybody say that a three-year-old (who hadn't taken a nap) isn't effected by ice cream fully loaded with sugar?

And these are a few pictures I took at Mee Maw's service. I couldn't resist taking this one while everyone was still dressed up. These are Janice's parents, my kid's great-grandparents. It was so good to see them again. It had been nearly a year since we had seen them because of the snow during Christmas. I wish we could have gotten more time with the extended family!
And this is Rob's Aunt Barb (Janice's sister). She and her husband flew out from Indiana. We don't get to see them nearly enough, but she sees us nearly every day... you see, she's a faithful blog reader (actually, grandma and grandpa are too which is pretty impressive as octogenarians!).

Why not crawl under a random table to get your picture taken with some of your nephews? It's about time Aunt Barb made it onto the blog!

And this is Rob with one of his long-time best buddies Steve. They always thought it would be fun to have their boys get to wreak havoc together like they did as kids. Lucky for them!

And the fact that we got all four kids in this picture was almost a miracle... who cares if Titus has his tongue out anyway?

And this is Steve's family with his parents Judy and Dick. They are two of the sweetest people in the world. When you are in Judy's presence you somehow feel like you're the only person in the whole world that matters to her!

In honor of Mee Maw we had Diet Dr. Pepper and Cheetos at every table! She had a nightly ritual of these items together and you were liable to get your fingers cut off if you if you came within 10 feet of either of these items. They were off-limits! We all enjoyed getting to partake in these contraband items in her memory. Titus, well, he just enjoyed having free reign with a bag of Cheetos!

And, here's a picture of Titus and Micah playing together. They bonded pretty quickly over toys and Cheetos. They even matched! I think Micah is 8 months or so older than Titus

Well, there ya go, our last week in pictures. I'm still way behind in blogging, as I still haven't gotten around to the pictures of Christmas day. I would just skip it since it's been so long already but I did that last year and I'm so mad at myself! Some day, some way, some how--I promise to get around to it. Not that any of you care what we did on Christmas day, but I do, and I'm sure years from now I'm going to feel an empty void in my life if I can't recall what we did for Christmas in 2008! Until then though, enjoy this small glimpse into our world.

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Heather said...

Thanks for posting the photos of our families together. I'm so glad you thought to take pictures at the service. It was great to see you guys, although we sure wish it could have been under different circumstances. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Heather (and the boys!)

P.S. We are all fighting a stomach bug right now...thought you'd like to know you are not alone in your constant battle with illness!