Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Picking up where we left off

It is now 9:00 on Wednesday, and we're finally home and settled in after an unexpected week in Washington.

Just in case you were bored this week with lack of illness related stories, let me pick up where we left off before the unexpected trip. Let's see... Monday Suzy and the boys came over and Suzy had woken up not feeling well that morning. By evening time all 4 of them had some nasty cough, runny nose, lack of energy thing going on. Our kids played together at small group Tuesday night and then we all ended up in Washington together on Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning my kids were both coughing and Titus's nose was running.

By the time Friday rolled around I was coughing (or rather, hacking up my lungs regularly) with a stuffy/runny nose that was making me feel awful. I lost my voice for short stints a couple of different times too. I felt terrible through Tuesday which was especially unpleasant since we were trying to make boat loads of service preparations. I'm sure all of the family that was surrounding us were not too excited about all of the germs we were spreading, but since there were 14 of us sharing the same house (many whom were sick) and lots of other family in and out regularly, we couldn't help but share the 'love'.

I woke up today feeling better for the most part, but Leeann didn't finish her breakfast--which should have been the first clue some thing was up. Rob woke up feeling sick with a tummy bug and settled in on Shelly's couch for a mid-morning nap. By the time lunch rolled around Leeann didn't really want much to eat and she looked gaunt. We snuggled her into the car with a plastic bag and headed home.

About half-way here Rob asked if I could drive and he napped most of the rest of the way home. Leeann also slept most of the way home (a 4 hour drive). We pulled in the driveway at about 6:00 and Leeann and Rob both plopped back down on the couches while Titus and I went out for a date at Applebees and to the grocery store. When Titus and I got back at 8:30 they were both in the exact same positions we had left them in!

So yeah, I'm pretty sure Leeann and Rob are both sick. She's been asleep for the better part of 7 hours now! Anyone want to guess what I'm probably going to be doing at about 1:45 this morning?

Ah, but I sure did enjoy a date with Titus. He's a fun little boy and so charming! I don't get very much one-on-one time with him, so it's always a special treat when we get to go out :0)

So, here we are... settling back into life as usual... with a sick kid to boot!

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