Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ewww, GROSS!

Last night I went to take a pull-up out to the garage where keep our diaper champ. Our garage is semi-attached, in that you have to step out onto our front porch area to get to the garage door, but it's all under cover. Anyway, I went out in my socks because it just takes one step on the mat to get to the garage door and the diaper champ is right inside the door.

On my way back into the house I stepped on something that felt like a grape popping under my left foot, then I felt something slimy and jumped up throwing my sock off of my foot. Rob was right inside the door at the time and said, "It was probably a slug".

"EWWW, EWWW... GROSS, YUCK", I was venting as I was hopping on one foot trying to figure out what just happened. Rob picked up my sock that revealed the perfect out-line of a slug in brownish-red slime. He couldn't find the slug at first which freaked me out as I imagined it getting tangled in my pajama pants in the midst of all the ruckus (I even took them off to make sure once I got upstairs).

Later Rob informed me that he'd found the slug in the corner by the stair outside. I asked him if was dead and Rob said, "He definitely appeared to be resting."

I'm still grossed out by the feeling of the popping underneath my foot. I'm just grateful I wasn't barefoot!

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Jenny said...

I know how you feel . . . I once stepped on a baby bird with BARE FEET! I was playing under a tree at my grandma's house. They pop the same way. :( I have also stepped on a slug ~ but with shoes on.