Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why you should never make a bed...

Today I was making Leeann's bed and all the sudden I got a kink in my neck and it hurt every time I looked to the right. I gimped around most of the day awkwardly turning my whole body to see things, but it wasn't so bad. Then I went to the Chiropractor and he did a number on me. I was really hoping I'd feel better after that but now virtually any movement is enough to make me shriek in pain.

So, Rob made dinner and played with the kids and is putting them down for bed now. I'm laying on the couch like a complete lazy bum wondering if this terrible pain is going to go away. I'm sitting here typing with my head leaned all the way against a pillow on my left shoulder.

I'm surprisingly quite bored. I read some articles on adoption, helped Leeann with some worksheets and now I'm writing you because... well, because I'm bored! Oh, and I talked to a guy conducting a survey about politics. Nothing like a cold call to help you realize how uninformed you are regarding political issues eh?

Anyway, it sounds like the kids are down so it seems as though a movie with my husband is in order. I love Netflix!


wannabeinkling said...

Love the new layout, Robyn!

Anonymous said...

I see you updated all your background stuff too while boared I assume :) Now I see why you were searching real estate last night :)