Tuesday, September 09, 2008

50 mm lens and some old/new friends!

I helped Eroica at a wedding a few weeks ago and my payment was a new 50 mm lens for my camera. I've wanted one every since I knew what it did! It focuses on the foreground and blurs the background... which I think makes for super-dee duper pictures!
I got a chance to try it out for the first time tonight when Suzy, Weston, Logan and Landon went on a walk with us around the track.

In case you don't keep up with Suzy's blog, they now live 10 minutes away from us!
I'm SO excited to have Suzy in town. I've missed her terribly in this last year! It's hard to live with someone for 8 months and then be in a different state. Now we have them back! Even better though, they have their own place! Of course she's stayed the night twice, the kids and I stayed at her place once and we've had 6 dinners together since the August 31st. We've been to the park, the track, McDonalds, the church and have partied at each other's houses. We've watched a movie, helped her unpack and unload, scrapbooked together until wee hours of the night... but at least we have our own space too!

These kids ran and ran and ran around the track. Weston must have clocked at least a mile and half. He jogged 3/4 to a mile of it. This kid has speed and endurance! The other kids ran lots too. They're speedy little buggers! They got some comments from some high school kids about being out-paced by all these little kids, it was quite funny!
My princess posed for a few pictures for me so I could test out my lens.
My cute, snuggly, cuddly baby Landon. We've enjoyed bonding!
The gang! My kids have been beyond over-joyed to have the cousins around. Friends are fun too, but there's just something extra special about family. Have I mentioned it's been really nice to have them around?
Leeann dressed herself today. Can you tell? She's going to be my independent fashion queen for sure! As long as she's wearing a skirt she's pretty sure she's a certified princess!
Titus and Logan have buddied up quite a bit and especially enjoyed each other's company. Titus makes Logan nervous though when he does things like climb up the stairs on the wrong side of the banister. I can't imagine why!
Titus is showing off his sweet new Lightning McQueen shoes!


Anonymous said...

They're not supposed to grow when they live in Oregon~

They look like they've aged a whole year and it's only been a few weeks :(

Aunt Shelly

Anonymous said...

This is a litle bright~