Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days... ya know, that nothing goes terrible, but nothing goes right either.

I had to take the kids to work with me today and what I hoped would take no more than 30 minutes took 2.5 hours. I had fought with the printer settings on Friday trying to print out a newsletter, to no avail. I came back in today to finish it and it took me hours to figure out what my problem was.

Meanwhile, my kiddos were having a particularly difficult time today. They had quite a long weekend, and we were all short on sleep. That meant we were all short on patience too! Leeann and Titus both threw a number of raging, non-sensical fits today. I felt like throwing one of my own too!

Rob took the kiddos to the park after dinner, and they aren't back yet. It's beautiful to have the house to myself for a short while. I have a great husband, have I ever mentioned that? Of course it probably wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure out that I could benefit from some time alone this evening :0)

Our house is continuing to take shape, but I find myself dreaming of being back in our other house more and more often. Even more I dream of a new house, one with 4 or 5 bedrooms! Ah, I hear the sound of little squeals, "Hi mommy! I got a leaf!" Titus says as he proudly shows me his treasure! I best be going... I've got hugs and kisses to give!

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