Sunday, September 21, 2008

48 Pages Later...

Suzy came over after church and helped me with the last (well, almost last) of my scrapbook. It's 48 pages of sheer craziness. It's mostly pictures that you've seen on my blog over the last year and a half. Not all of the pictures, of course... but enough to get a good sense of who we are as a family.

I prefer blogging, as it doesn't take nearly as much time or energy. Though, it certainly isn't as cute either!

I'm not sure if I've said this before, but the scrapbook will be shown to those who make the choice for where she's placed, and will be shown to her to introduce her to her new family. The state of Oregon mandates that each family does a book, and usually 3 families go to committee.

Idaho is different though, as they don't require a set number of families and they don't require a book. We decided that we would do our book anyway, because we thought it would be a great way for her to get to know us, and far more informative to her than one simple picture and a brief introduction by a case worker. This is especially important as it may be a couple of weeks between when we're chosen (if we're chosen) and when we actually get to meet face-to-face.

I can't believe how many hours it has taken to complete it, but it feels soooo good to have it done. Now I can reclaim my counter space and know that other than reading more about adoption and adoption issues, there's nothing else I can do to prepare for the arrival our daughter... whoever, and whenever that might be!

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becca said...

that's awesome!

Show us a few pictures of the final result. :)