Wednesday, February 13, 2008


All right, so it's day 5 of the South Beach Diet. I have 9 days left to go in the first strict phase where ALL sugar is cut from your diet. I haven't had fruit, cereal, bread or anything processed for 5 days now. For the first time in 5 days I'm truly wondering if I'm going to see the finish line.

See, the thing is, you are told to eat until you are full. It's not depriving you of food, it's just encouraging you to eat the right foods. The problem? I'm not a big fan of the foods you can eat. I'm getting along okay, but I can't eat until I'm full because it's all I can do to eat enough to keep me going. As of this morning, I'm hungry. I'm hungry and I'm craving everything that's NOT part of South Beach.

We had small group at our house last night and I successfully avoid the frosted animal cookies and nachos, but it was SO HARD! Everyone was drinking hot cocoa too... oh how I'd like a cup!

Well I just thought I'd let the world know that I'm a weak, weak woman! My self-control is small to begin with and deminishing rapidly. However, I have lost a few pounds, which is the only thing making me think that maybe, just maybe I'll perservere!

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Shelly said...

Way to go Aunt Robyn!!!

Sugary stuff is my downfall too. I've been thinkin' I need to cut it out all together also.

But I'm still just thinkin' about it :) Which is my problem!!