Thursday, February 14, 2008

BIG Titus News!

Today, I was making breakfast and the kiddos were at the table and I was explaining to Leeann what Valentine's Day is. I told her it's a day that we take extra time to the people that we love how much we love them. So Leeann and I got into a go-round of who loves who more. In the middle of this go-round Titus looked up at me and chimed in, "I louth ew". Aw, my first I love you from my little guy on Valentine's Day... how sweet is that? I'm such a proud mommy!

In other new, Titus bit through his last binki on Tuesday night. I didn't realize it was his last one until it was already too late at night to go to the store and get more. Besides, I don't really want to get more because he chews on them and breaks them within a month or so. And yes, he's getting too old for them anyway. So, he's now had 2 nights of sleep and 3 naps with relatively few problems considering he's kicking a life long habit!

Oh, and I forgot to update you a few weeks ago about taking my kiddos to the eye doctor. Leeann checks out wonderfully, but Titus on the other hand has inhereited my astigmatism and will need glasses within the next year or two. His isn't as bad as mine, but it exists all the same. I'm sure he'll look cute in glasses, but it's hard as a mommy to think about your 3 or 4 year old needing them. It's hard for me to think about a 3 or 4 year old taking care of them!

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Anonymous said...

Even a little Jason like I have (Bowen) has had glasses since he was 4, and has only broke one pair, so there is hope for your little Jason... The real challenge is getting them to wear them :) I have been trying for 7 years......