Monday, December 04, 2006

Titus's 2nd 1st Birthday

We had a birthday party for Titus with Rob's family the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was lot's of fun, and it's always great to see family! Below are a few picture highlights of the birthday boy!

This cake actually ended up being the hardest one I've ever made, because it didn't come with decorating directions like the other cakes I've made have come with. I learned some things though in the process, and I'm sure this whole cake decorating thing will get easier with time!

p.s. Thanks for the pan Cherish!

He figured out to eat the cake and make a mess far more quickly the second time around!

He ended up getting a bath in Aunt Shelly's sink and he had quite a bit of fun with the water coming down from the faucet. He kept trying to catch the water, but never could seem to manage!
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Anonymous said...

For not having any directions you did a great job on the cake!!! I am Happy that you have taken up the hobby that I have enjoyed over the years. Yes it does take alot of time but it is so worth it when you see how excited they are having a special cake. Keep up the good work in all you do.
Love, Aunt Pam