Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Titus!

Where did the days go? This year has gone by so fast. If the next 17 fly by at the same rate, I'm going to be an empty-nester in the blink of an eye *tear*. I wanted to share some pictures with you of Titus's Birthday. I remember the details like it was yesterday, but I'll spare you this time! Posted by Picasa


Shelly said...

It's unbelievable how time flies. I only winked (ya know, only 1 eye) and KayLee is 13. I'm using duct tape to keep the other eye from doing the same.

It doesn't seem to be working~

Shelly said...

I just noticed the time on your blogging. 3:35 am?? Is that correct??

Holy Cow, Woman!!

Pam in CA said...

Yes, the years go by fast when you look back at them. As you know, my baby is getting married in just a couple of weeks and he's no spring chicken. :) See you there!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Little Man...I remember when you're mommy called to tell me that you were born, what a fast and exciting year! We love you! Happy Blessed Birthday Titus!
Love, Dean.Jessi.Halle Wandler

Aunt Barb said...

My baby's having a baby!! Now that's a shocker! Yep, don't blink.