Saturday, November 21, 2009


Logan and Hope came down this weekend. So, on Thursday night we met my dad in Tigard and I got the distinct pleasure of introducing him to The Lego Store!

He was like a kid in a candy store! So, of course all 4 kids each walked away with a cool Lego set. Logan got a Star Wars fighter ship, Titus got a fire truck and the girls got a girly horse thing.

Well, we invited my dad down for dinner tonight, which we usually do when we have his kids. Since The Lego Store happens to be right on his way he decided that he needed to go back and pick up a few more things for the kids.

"Do you think they'd like a house?" he asked. So we talked for a while about what house they would like. I was assuming a house for them all to work on together and share. Nope. He wanted to get them each a house!

So, Daddy/Grandpa came in tonight with a house set for each of them. These houses are SO cool! We spent a couple of hours putting part of them together and finally dumped the kids into bed exhausted WAY past bed time. Such fun!

Several days ago Rob stated that he thinks this is going to be a Lego Christmas... and I think he's right. Our kids are LOVING Lego's right now. The best part is, they are educational and timeless.

So, for those of you who have my kids on your Christmas list, think Lego :0) Well, if you want to of course!


Jessi said...

Maybe next year a trip to Legoland will be inorder!

Kersh said...

be sure to ebay lego's too. you can get lego's by the pound if you are just looking to freebuild.

also, when the kids are in bed google the brick testament. interesting retelling of the scriptures using legos...not theologically accurate