Thursday, November 05, 2009

But Mom!

This morning I laid Leeann's clothes out for her. She climbed out of the shower and walked into her room to find a purple long sleeve striped shirt and a purple vest on her floor where I set them out for her.

She came out in the hallway with a confused, dejected look on her face. "But mom, I've already worn those to school before!"

The poor girl has so many clothes (thanks Aunt Shelly and Great Grandma M!) that she didn't realize that she might occassionally wear the same thing more than once a year!

In her defense, she really probably hasn't worn the same thing twice because she still had her summer clothes out for the first month of school and we recently pulled out her winter clothes giving her a whole new set of clothes to choose from.

She wasn't being prissy or snotty, just honestly questioning if she was supposed to wear the same thing twice. Silly girl!

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becca said...

That is awesome! What a cutie!

My grandpa, a doctor, had closets upon closets of clothes, and almost everything identical... the same color and style of button-up shirt, the same style sweater, the same style pants... I think he was obsessed with the idea of wearing everything only once! (and he was wealthy enough to do it, I suppose!)

I always thought it would be wonderful to wear brand new socks every single day of my life. :)

Okay, one more side note:
I've heard a little story about a boy who went to summer camp for a week. His mom's advice, "Put on a clean pair of underwear every morning!"
When she picked him up on Saturday, he had seven pairs of underwear on his bottom! Who can blame him? The boy followed directions!

Okay, bye now!