Monday, July 27, 2009

SonRock Kid's Camp!

Today we officially kicked-off SonRock Kid's Camp, this year's Vacation Bible School. It was a blast with 140 wild and crazy kiddos running around like the delightfully fun, wildly chaotic creatures of God that they are!

But, it was HOT. Like, 100+ degrees hot, with the temperatures rising. HOT. REALLY HOT. I'm hot. Did I mention that it's hot?

In other news, I have lots of fun things that I've taken pictures of that I need to blog about, like the Fair, the pool and a trip to The AC Gilbert House last week. But, come to think of it I still have to blog pictures of Leeann's fourth Birthday and this last Christmas too. I have the best of intentions... but don't hold your breath!

I think I'm going to head to bed early tonight. I was at the church yesterday with some awesome volunteers. I clocked 14 hours, but I had several volunteers show up earlier and stay even later. Tomorrow I get the distinct pleasure of having myself and all four kiddos up, dressed, fed and off to church by 8 or so. It's so worth it, but so exhausting!

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