Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fair

We went to the County Fair on free fair day. It was a lot of fun. Suzy and the boys went with us. You should see us all walking in a line together. 3 adults with 7 kids 7 and under. It's a hoot!

Leeann loved milking the cow in the children's play area. She did it over and over again.

Titus and my nephew Logan (and Weston and brother Logan too) spent the majority of their time running on and through the various bounce houses.

This is Titus going through the castle. He didn't want to go through the tube so Suzy, Rob and I were trying to coax him through from the outside. Every time the other kiddos would run through they'd try to get him to follow him but he wouldn't go. Finally, Weston got him to sneak through the outside of the tube.

And this is sweet baby Landon who is quickly turning from a baby to a boy. Crazy!

Quite possibly the best part of the whole fair though is when we walked by some teenage girls milking a cow. All 7 kids stared in amazement at this process and they offered to let the kids help! This is cousin Logan.

Leeann thought milking the fake cow was fun... she loved this!

It took Titus a minute to get the hang of it, but he got some good squirts of her!

Titus was pretty serious about his work here. He had to pump the water out of the hose to get the ducks to float down the gutter.

And here Titus is hand-feeding the animals. He was quite brave!

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