Friday, July 03, 2009

The Lego Store

Our family went up to The Lego Store in the Washington Square Mall in Portland today. It was so much fun! We just spent the afternoon and evening perusing the mall. We visited the Disney Store, The Lego Store and the Cheesecake Factory. Yum-my!

The Lego Store was our reason for making the trek though, and it was worth every gallon of gas! We're just getting into legos around our house. My pastor's wife, Pam, who is an avid garage saler was sent on a mission for cheap legos this summer. She found a sweet load of them for $5 which gives us a great start to our collection. We went to The Lego Store in search of some wheels and people. We found reasonably priced wheels, but ridiculously priced people, so, we're still without people for now. Well, most legos are ridiculously priced, honestly. But, they're so much fun! And they keep the kids entertained for a long period of time. And, they'll likely play with them for the next decade +. Still, I really wish they were more reasonably priced! If there are any other avid garage salers out there... please keep a look out for us. We're happy to pay you back for them!

Anyway, we got to stuff a cup full of random legos from the pick-a-brick wall for $15. We put in all sorts of fun pieces like propellers and control panels, trees and flowers. As our cup was just about full the sales associate showed us how to stack the cup lid full of legos to get more bang for our buck. So, as we were on our way home Rob started re-packing the cup in his mind to see if we could have fit more legos in it. Now that we're home he's physically taking all of those legos and stacking them together to see how many more we could have fit. He's intermittently creating cars to drive around on the floor and the coffee table. These cars come complete with sound effects...and if you are wondering, the kids are in bed!

I have the distinct feeling that there will be many more trips to The Lego Store in our future. It was so much fun to spend some good family time together today too. It feels like it's been so long since we've had a free day to spend together as a family. I'm not sure that I could have asked for a better day with my husband and my kids. We're looking forward to tomorrow too as we spend some time with Suzy and the boys swimming, playing with sparkelers and making homemade ice cream. Ah, summer fun!


Barbara said...

Hey Go on Ebay and you can sometimes find good deals on legos, I got a bucket full which included people for my grandkids...they loved it!!
Aunt Barb Mc

Proud Parents said...

You at Washington Square and didn't call me!??!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

So glad you wrote about this. My 15 year old was a little embarrassed about having his all over the bed today. "I was bored Mom". Yeah Rob. Marlene