Thursday, August 28, 2008

Balloon Launch

Last Friday morning we decided to get up with the birds and watch the hot air balloons launch at the Art and Air Festival. We plucked the kiddos out of bed, threw sweatshirts on all of us and ran out the door by 6:20. My camera battery was all but dead, so I only got a few shots. I was bummed because it was all so beautiful, and it was the PERFECT morning for such an adventure!
There were probably several dozen balloons that launched within 1/2 hour of each other.
Ya ever wonder what I look like freshly plucked out of bed way too early in the morning?
The kids thought we were crazy rushing them out of the house so early in the morning, but they loved it!
We finished the morning with some breakfast and hot chocolate at Starbucks!
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becca said...

Hee hee... look at this from a friend of mine in Jefferson.

beachbirdie said...

Nice pictures!

Isn't it just a load of fun? We (kids and all!) "crewed" for a pilot for 10 years and miss it so much. We still go to watch, and chase the balloons around town. We almost bought one. :-)

Oh...our Starbuck's with drive-up window opens at 5:30 AM, we got ours BEFORE hitting the balloon field. ;-)