Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Room Bites The Dust

Today Kimmee and Kelli came over and we busted out the last bedroom to be painted... and Rob had no idea we were doing it which made it extra fun!

I still have to finish the ceiling because I ran out of paint. I also have to finish painting several other areas of our house but at least the bedrooms are done! One step at a time my friends, one step at a time!

My friend SaraJane flittered down from New Jersey for a couple of days! We ate at Red Robin and did some shopping together which is always fun. It was great to have her here! She introduced me to a new game called Word Twist on Facebook. Add that to my growing list of addictions!

I'm slowly recovering from VBS. I did 4 loads of laundry today. It doesn't seem to matter how much laundry I do, there's always more to be done. ALWAYS. It's terrible! Even more terrible is the fact that they're all laying on my bed waiting to be folded before I crawl under the covers. Maybe I should make this a short post and go work on that. It seems like a good idea. Of course, I'd rather soak in a bath. Hmmm... decisions, decision!

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Megan said...

I TOTALLY hear you about the laundry...and we don't even have kids yet, yikes. I am bad though, I will often "stall" in between phases...typically between drying and folding. I'll know they're sitting in the dryer, but I'll simply ignore the fact for as long as possible before folding them. Oh well:-)