Thursday, August 14, 2008


Like a good mommy, I decided to feed my kiddos cereal tonight. After all, it's Thursday night during VBS week (our craziest, busiest week of the year), and Rob had a late meeting tonight so it would just be the kids and I.
I went to the pantry to grab some cereal and noticed a small trail of ants. After my irritation seethed a little and I refocused I realized there was more than a small trail of ants. There were several trails of ants--some big, and some small. I was confused because I had gotten a snack out of there about 30 minutes earlier and I didn't see any then. But, sure enough, they were there now!
I threw the open cereal boxes onto the floor in the entry (the pantry is off of the entry) and began moving items, spraying ants with cleaner and wiping them up. I inspected anything that was open (like bags of chips) and discarded what was necessary. After a few minutes of spraying and wiping I look behind me and see the boxes laying on the floor with ants scattering in all directions! At this point I shew the kids away and tell them to sit at the table and wait patiently for dinner. It's okay, my floor is in desperate need of cleaning anyway!
Well, patient doesn't seem to be in their vocabulary! Neither of them ate much for lunch (probably thanks to the rice crispy treats at VBS), and they were just making noise, taunting each other and being silly. I went to take a picture of their silliness because I was already writing this blog post in my head then Leeann started licking Titus. He pushed her away and started yelling, "Yucky! Ew, that's dis-gust-ing! Mommy and daddy say NO LEEANN!"
Guess what they're doing now? Watching Blue's Clues. That sounded like a splendid idea to me!

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becca said...

ooooooh. I absolutely DETEST ants. We seem to have gotten them much more under control (due to a lot of spraying and always always ziplocking/carefully containing food) but I have been in your shoes many times with the sudden masses of ants everywhere, including in the yummy boxes of stuff in the cupboards. It's so frustrating - and they come as a surprise like in the morning when I don't have my glasses on and then WHOA there they are. Good luck getting rid of those suckers!