Friday, September 15, 2006

A Tooth!

Yes folks, Titus has broken a tooth in! It's his bottom left tooth, and it's barely poked it's way through, but it's definately through because you can feel the sharp little guy.

It's funny how excited I got over a tooth, but I rejoice with each milestone I see in my kids, it's nice to see them growing healthy and happily! What an exciting day (for some odd reason!). I just wanted to share my joy and excitement with you!


Anonymous said...

Well congratulations Mr. Titus! Halle got her first tooth at 6 months, then nothing until about a month ago when I was playing with her and flipped her upside down only to discover 6 more teeth all popping through at the same time!!! Watch out...with new teeth comes new discovery, aka biting! Talk to you soon Robyn!

Love, Jessi and Halle

Robyn said...


I miss you and I would love to meet Halle. Creating a blog would sufice a little though (hint, hint!)

Oh, I miss you tons! Please let me know next time you are down, we'll definately make a special trip to meet you if you have time!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan...we've been definately spoiled with visitors coming north...but I'll let you know, probably in November. I love catching up on your growing family...what a beautiful one it is! I really should start a blog, I'm always busy reading other peoples! Love you to you soon! Love, Jessi

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Jennifer said...

A tooth, how exciting! I love each little milestone, it is so much fun to see!

cherishwinningham said...

Hey Robyn,
It is exciting when they get their first tooth, anytime they do something for the first time is always exciting (Well, most of the time.) I finally got my blog started, it's
Visit sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn this is your brother. I'm at Patty's right now with a broken leg. Patty's at work and Don's sleeping. I was just browsing through the computer and seen your nest. Anyways just wanted to say hi.

Robyn said...

Brother Jason! It's great to get a comment from you, enjoy my nest!


That was Leeann saying "Hi Uncle J!"