Saturday, September 09, 2006


It seems like I've thought of several things worth blogging lately, but now that I have time to sit down and blog about them, I don't remember what they are. Weird eh?

One of them that I do remember is Leeann having a conversation with her daddy who was making muffins. They had been in the oven for several minutes when Leeann looked up and said, "Daddy, the muffins are crying." "Why are the muffins crying?" he asked. "Cause they want out!" It was cute.

For those 'keeping score' of our recent random string of stressing incidences, let it be known that garbage disposals and wash clothes do not get along well. Our xbox which doubles as our dvd player is having some issues, and our "carpenter ants" are just plain (big) ants, but they are nesting in a big patch of dry rot under our house. Good thing for good friends who are carpenters and are gracious enough to take a few hours out of their lives to help little peons like us! Do any of you know much about fixing broken garbage disposals or xboxes? Thought I'd ask!

The three of us with teeth went to the dentist this week. It's a new dentist for us and we liked it. Leeann got to go for the first time and was less-than-thrilled, but did well (at least that's daddy's report). Rob and I got our teeth cleaned for the first time in way too long. I've got a big cavity bordering on needing a root canal. I've got a small one also and some other minor issues. Rob's got a few minor issues too, but no cavities. Just in case you were wondering :0) He always wins!

Leeann has perfected a second language recently--whineeze. It's grating on my nerves! She's so sweet and helpful and polite most of the time, but she can be so stinking whiny at other times. Urg! She went to the doctor this week for her well-child check up and screamed at the top of her lungs when they put the plastic thing on her head to see how tall she is. She's perfectly average for her height and weight. That's encouraging. You should have seen her reaction to the shot, it was far worse. She's been milking her 'owie' for days though, showing her band-aid to anyone who will look (even if it means pulling her pants down in public, she's got a thing or two to learn about modesty:0)

In other news, we've resulted to full-fledged bribery. She now gets a jelly belly each time she goes to the bathroom. We just started tonight, and we'll see how this goes. Hopefully it will motivate her to begin recognizing that she needs to go? We had our second successful poo in the big girl potty today (before the jelly beans even). Of course it was immediately followed by the rest of the poo in her pull-up, but hey, progress is progress right?

Titus hasn't been much better in the whining area, he's had several boughts of fussiness lately. There have been many times that I've just let him cry and cry and cry. You can only do so much to appease a nine-month old! He's weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs, 5 oz. Still off the bottom of the charts! Yup, that's my son! I started putting him on some formula this week. He hasn't had any up to this point, but he's getting it once a day now. Hopefully that will help plump him up a little and it will help to make sure he's getting the nutrition and liquid he needs. Still no signs of teeth. He's started standing up on things though. Scary! He stood up in his crib this morning and cried bloody murder. I went up to get him and he was standing up and holding on for dear life. He didn't know how to get down! The more mobile he gets the more complicated life gets! Life is fun though!

Well, so much for having nothing to say. I'm falling asleep at the computer though, so I'm going to have to call it a night!


becca said...

I don't know anything about fixing a garbage disposal, but we're in the same boat. Ours has been broken for about six weeks, and we haven't yet done anything about it. Can't help, but I can certainly let you know how it goes!

Krista said...

Sounds like life is busy! Bill knows a thing or two about xboxes - but is insanely busy right now and headed to Seattle tomorrow for work. :( But if it's still having issues when things settle down for him, I'm sure we can arrange a play-date, xbox-fixing something-or-other. :)

As far as bribes... we got to the point where Mikayla got 1 m&m (2 for pooeys), a sticker on a chart (once the chart was filled in she got a snack-sized candybar out of a candy bowl), and a nickle in the bank (once the bank was full, she got a trip to Toys R Us). We're off all bribes now, but she'll still pooey in her pullup if she hasn't changed to panties right away after nap. grrr.

GPB said...

Garbage Disposals.

Quite often they get stuck with too much stuff. If this is the problem this is how you fix it. Disposals come with a Garbage Disposal Wrench. It looks like a capital L. It is also called an Allen wrench. The end of the wrench looks like a hexogon. At the bottom of the disposal is a place to put the wrench. Put one end of the wrench(usually the short end) in the hole and turn it a few times. This dislodges the stuff that is stuck. Also on the bottom of the disposal is a reset button. Push it after you have used the wrench. Than turn the disposal on after turning the water on. Hopefully your disposal is now useable.

GPB said...

Gargabage Disposal:

Fix #2.

Most garbage disposal problems are caused by putting too much stuff into it. So like 'fix in # 1', if too much stuff is the problem one of two things happen. The disposal gets full and can't turn so the internal fuse turns the unit off. If the stuff stays in the disposal fix #1 will fix the problem. However quite often the stuff gets jammed in the pipe leading from the disposal to the sink drain. If this is the case "simply" remove this pipe from where it attaches to the main drain below the sink and remove all the stuff from the pipe. Reassemble, and push the reset botton. Start the disposal... Again, hopefully this is helpful..

Jennifer said...

Robyn, what in the world are you doing blogging at 1 in the morning?? Sheshkabob....

So sorry about the issues you have been having...but what is life without issues? Do you have your garbage disposal fixed yet, because Dieter could offer his (limited) expertise. Let me know!!

Beckys blog said...

My parents use to tell us "I don't speek whineeze" Or "I'm sorry I don't understand you, you're speaking whineeze again" and then ignore us until we stopped whining.