Saturday, September 02, 2006

Could it be?

Titus has slept all of the way through the night for a good week or so now! Needless to say, I'm quite happy about this (way over-due) development!

In other news: We've been keeping super-busy around here as always. Rob is working on a virtual tour DVD for our new building project at church, and he's been putting in long hours for that. In fact, he's at the church right now even and it's Saturday! They are hoping to have it done this weekend though, so that will be good. He starts preaching every week beginning September 10th. He'll preach the 3rd service. They're calling it the "Red Line" service, because the music will be a bit louder than our other 2 services. I'm excited for all of the exciting changes taking place at our church.

I'm LOVING my job as Children's Ministry Director. It's honestly a dream job for me! Right now I'm knee deep in all sorts of stuff preparing to launch our Fall ministries, it's all quite exciting! The church bumped me up to 20 hours per week, which will be a little bit of a stretch in regards to me balancing my time at home and work... but the added pay is a huge blessing beyond words! One day at a time :0)

Speaking of, we ransomed our car from the shop yesterday. It was quite trying to only have one car for the week. Would anybody like to buy a Buick?!?!? Just teasin, I don't know if I'd wish that kind of evil on anyone! God continues to provide for us in amazing ways. We recently received a generous gift from some very special people *thanks* that covered all but $6.84 of our mechanic bill. The best part is, they gave us this money before we even knew our car was broken again. God knew, and God used them--God is good! I've said before that God is always faithful to give us what we need, and to make sure any extra doesn't stay around very long! It's our lot in life :0)

The kids are growing quite quickly. Leeann is a full-fledged beautiful little girl. There seems to be very little about her that remains from the baby stages (except the diaper thing, but don't get me started!) Titus is pulling himself up on things, clapping and otherwise mimicking others' behavior. He's getting up to the sitting position all by himself and he likes to chant "da-da-da-da-da". Why wouldn't he chant "ma-ma-ma-ma" when I'm the one that does the majority of the feeding, changing, bathing, cooing etc.? Because daddy's cooler, that's all there is to it!

It's fun to see Leeann and Titus play. He pulls her hair and she talks to him and snuggles with him. She tries to play with him just like daddy plays with her (chasing, tickling, roaring). Life is fun around here! They're both growing up so fast. Titus is 9 months old today. I swear I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday, where does time go?

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