Saturday, August 06, 2011

First Grade

Leeann's first grade year has come and gone. Soon she'll enter second grade, then I'll blink and be sending her off to college... I'm sure of it. Before it's too far gone I want to make sure and document a small snippet of her fantastic year. 

Titus and Leeann posing in between her two classrooms on the first day of the first grade. 

 This is a picture of her Spanish classroom. She's in a Dual Immersion Program so she spends one day learning entirely in Spanish and the next day entirely in English. 

I took pictures of all of the first graders one day for a project they were doing. Here's Leeann's picture. 

 This is Leeann and some of her classmates preforming during Dia De Los Ninos. 

She was especially excited to preform the Macarena! She took this performance very seriously! 

This was her hair for crazy hair day. I think she has every last hair pretty we own in her hair. We called it The Volcano!

This is Leeann with her teachers Mrs. F and Mrs. C. Having not one, but two great teachers is one of the coolest parts about the Dual Immersion Program. 

Toward the end of the year I got to go on a field trip with Leeann to a set of science exhibits at OSU. She had a lot of fun. 

In all she had a really good year. She grew leaps and bounds in her ability to read and showed great confidence in math. Her Spanish teacher spoke well of her eagerness to learn a new language despite the fact that she was starting in the program a year later than most of the kids. 

She seemed to have liked all of her classmates, but has yet to emerge with a "best friend". She liked to spend her recesses swinging and jump roping and really liked doing performances at school functions. 

I look forward to seeing her grow even more in her maturity, her intelligence, her social interaction and her language acquisition in the year to come. Second grade--ready or not, here she comes!

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Diana said...

I love the idea of Dual Immersion! She sounds like she's doing awesome! Good luck this school year, Leeann!