Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Back in February a couple of the cousins stayed the night at our house and we got up in the morning and headed over to Cork's Donuts for a special treat.

While the breakfast itself was memorable enough, the most memorable part came after the donuts. We stopped in the Starbucks parking lot so Rob could get a drink. The kids and I decided to rock out to some Hannah Montana while we waited.

While each of these kids are super funny on their own, and even more funny while they're rocking out, you'll find an especially funny part if you pay attention to the boys in the back about half way through.


Jill said...

I totally want to watch the video, but it says it's private... am I doing something wrong?

Shelly said...

Poor Weston!!

Unknown said...

Poor Weston!!

Anonymous said...

That is definitely a keeper. Love Leeann's expressions! Thanks for sharing.