Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Birthday "Tea" Party

My 29th Birthday was a few weeks ago. This year it happened to fall on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are impossibly busy days for our family, so Rob planned a dinner out with some friends over the following weekend, but we didn't have anything special planned for the actual day of my Birthday.

On the way home from picking Leeann and her friend, Alex, up from school she started quizzing me about the party I would be having that night. I told her we weren't having a party, but she wouldn't stand for such an injustice!

She told me that we could skip Kidstruction and she'd throw me a party (as if parties take 5 minutes to plan and execute!). Titus said he didn't want to miss Kidstruction but asked us to save him some cake!

As we pulled into the driveway Leeann asked if she could call Rob to see if she could do something special. Before long, plans were being put into motion for a secret something. All I knew is that I needed to wear a dress.

After fighting the need to wear a dress (settling on a skirt that didn't even match my shirt), and waiting curiously upstairs for Rob and the kids to finish the surprise they were working on, I was called down stairs.

And there, much to my surprise, Leeann had arranged a "tea" party so that my special day wouldn't pass by without a party. Rob helped her make some white hot chocolate and she set out her tiny tea set and dressed up in her very best.

She even gave me the yellow cup, since she knew it was my favorite color. The hot cocoa was delicious and the company was amazing. The party planner/hostess was the high-light of the party though. It was such a thoughtful gesture from a sweet 7 year-old girl. And if you ask me, it was a well executed party on such short notice!
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Jennifer Rice said...

So....Dang.....CUTE!!!!! Your daughter is AMAZING!

Jennifer Rice said...

So....Dang.....CUTE!!!!! Your daughter is AMAZING!