Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breakfast In Bed

I was awoken at 7:10 this morning (when Leeann has a day off of school, mind you) to Leeann telling me she had a surprise for me.

Without even opening my eyes (I was afraid if I opened them I wouldn't be able to shut them again and a whole day where I would be able to sleep in would have been wasted) I told her I wasn't ready for my surprise yet and that I wanted to sleep in a little more first.

I heard Titus whisper, "Just put it in the fridge, Leeann." In that moment I almost felt bad for 'ruining' the suprise by not getting up and eating breakfast, but I just couldn't bring myself to open my eyes so early on a free morning.

Soon the kids came back up and asked if they could get breakfast and watch a movie. I, of course, said yes, and snuggled back into my blankets.

Then, 9:45 came around (I know, I'm so pathetic) and Leeann asked me if I was ready for my surprise yet. She brought up a shoe box lid covered in a hand towel with a bowl of cereal resting in the middle. I thanked her profusely for her thoughtfulness then I politely asked if she wouldn't mind making a fresh bowl since cereal gets soggy in the fridge.

She happily obliged and bounced downstairs to pour me a fresh bowl of cereal.

It was the best cereal I've ever eaten. Except for maybe the last time she brought me breakfast in bed, when she was 2 years-old and Titus had just recently come home from the hospital.

Have I mentioned lately, that I love my sweet daughter to bits and pieces?
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