Monday, August 17, 2009


Hope and Logan left our house at 9 this morning to spend the night elsewhere. About an hour after they left Titus went pee AND poo in the big boy potty. I had forgotten that he was even in the bathroom and then he came around the corner with a sly look on his face. And sure enough, success!

I think he just so desperately doesn't want to miss anything that's going on that he won't take the time out of his day to 'wait it out'. I was so proud of him! Hopefully this will continue because this whole potty training thing had been a long time coming. I was so excited to see a small amount of progress today. Maybe I won't end up with a high-schooler still in pull-ups after all!


Omi Kim said...

Oh Robyn...I understand your frustration! Halle has been pee trainned for almost a year, but still refuses to poop on the potty. I just decided this past weekend that enough was enough and if she's going to get be it. She's more than capable of going just stubborn and she'll tell you she's stubborn. Hope that this becomes your "new" normal!

Love, Jessi

Omi Kim said...

Opps, I guess I'm still signed in under my mom's account...this is Jessi!

alexanders said...

WOOHOO!!! :)