Friday, August 11, 2006

No more youth group *tear*

I've been keeping very busy around here lately! I'm glad that Rob is home from all of his youth trips, that made for a pretty hectic couple of weeks... I miss him terribly when he's gone. Leeann falls apart without daddy, and that's not an understatement what-so-ever!

The church had a Rob appreciation party last Sunday night and it was lot's of fun. It was to appreciate his four+ years in youth ministry and to wish him well as he transitions into 'big church'. Most of the kids made a scrapbook memory page and I put together a slide show of more than 200 pictures from the last 4 years. It's so crazy that many of those kids are graduated, and several of them are married now. The puny little 6th graders have their drivers licenses and they're entering their junior year! Crazy!

When we first came to this church there were some nights that only the Pastor's daughter showed up for youth group. Those were tough nights. Rob and I were the only two people on the student ministry staff at that point. This last year it was not uncommon to see 40+ kids and 10 youth staff on any given youth group night, and sometimes even more in the Youth Service Sunday morning. I'm gonna miss those students! We'll still get to see them and interact with them though, so that's nice. It's not like we're leaving the church. Joel and Brenna (the new youth pastor and his wife) moved into Albany on Monday. It's good to have them here, I think they'll be a great fit!

I've been busy preparing the Children's Ministry for the Fall. We're transitioning to three services so it's quite hectic trying to get everything together for that. We still have a lot of staff spots to fill, so hopefully some more people will come out of the wood works soon for that!

So, all in all life is really good, but really busy right now. I've had very little in the way of down-time which is evidenced by the lack of updates on blog. I'll try to get better, but no guarentees!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to see God bless your hard work? Each year I've watched my numbers move up in Scio. In fact, this year the district decided to hire a part-time elementary music teacher because the middle and high school groups are growing. I'm glad the district recognized this need and filled it.

Way to go Rob!
Deetah dah cheetah